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This Agreement was entered into on ............ between FRC Investment INC, domiciled
in ............. (hereinafter referred to as "FRC Investment") and the other party, ......................... a natural person or legal entity (hereinafter referred to as "Business Partner" or "Distributor"), whose information is provided below.
Since the services and subscriptions provided by FRC Investment provide marketing and sales activities for personal use by the business partner and/or by passing them on to third parties, the conditions for obtaining passive and active income through this sales organization for the duration and termination of the contract terms, working principles and conditions of the business partner are subject to this contract.
FRC Investment: This is the basic name and brand of the initiative, which aims to market all types of consumer goods, membership activities in the digital environment, crypto-currencies used or to be used, and transactions related to this money and services through FRC Investment's direct sales system.
Business partner: The persons who buy the products manufactured and sold by FRC Investment, as well as the services and benefits for their own use and/or for advertising and sales to third parties, from FRC Investment and sell these products and services, if necessary to third parties, are business partners. Within the scope of this agreement, a business partner is the person who introduces the company to new, real and legal persons at their request in order to increase the business system and the level of passive and active income and to ensure that they become business partners. As described below, the Counterparty does not own any shares or rights in FRC Investment Company and is not authorized to make transactions on the FRC Investment Account.
Sponsor: While working as business partners at FRC Investment, they are business partners who introduce the company to new real and legal persons in order to expand the business volume upon request and who enable them to become business partners.
Business Partner Identity Number (ID): This is the Business Partner Identification Number that FRC Investment has issued to real and legal persons who have electronically accepted the Business Partnership Agreement in order to be referred to as Business Partners.
website: FRC Investment is the official website with the domain name https:
Back Office: This is a specially developed virtual office software provided by FRC Investment with a business partner ID number or an e-mail address and password. It is a comprehensive software package that includes marketing documents created specifically for each business partner, allowing business partners to monitor their activities and advertising revenue and to request payments from their earnings, presentations and videos, including business training. It is a software that connects all parties to the multilingual FRC Investment business system

 for multiple users, open for international use, licensed by FRC Investment and available to the business partner. Documents: Are all printed, digital and visual documents that operate or are intended to operate or promote the Company's business partner and business system, such as contracts, personalized business partner brochures, business cards, promotional brochures about the services and benefits of products marketed or to be marketed by the Company, warranty documents, user manuals, training brochures or materials, presentation documents, etc.
4.1 This Agreement governs a business system that is created by the association of companies, business partners and customers and provides income to real and legal persons working internationally and at all levels of the system.
4.2 By accepting this Agreement, the Business Partner agrees that it will act in accordance with the working principles and ethical rules.
4.3 FRC Investment brings the Business Partner and the Customer together in a network through its Business Partner and provides passive and active income to the Business Partner by selling the advertised products, services and benefits.
4.4 FRC Investment guarantees the rights of the counterparty during the term of the contract. "Until one of the conditions set out in Article 9 of the Agreement is met", the Counterparty continues to receive the passive income from the trade and promotion network and protects its rights.
4.5 Until such time as one of the situations referred to in Article 9 of this Agreement occurs, the Business Partner shall continue to earn revenue from the purchases of the Business Partners that it has linked through sales recommendations, depending on the Marketing Plan, with the following licenses and prices
4.6 The attached profit plan of FRC Investment is an integral part of this Agreement. The income from the Profit Plan is based on the principles of honesty and integrity.
4.7 FRC Investment reserves the right to make changes to the Profit Plan without prior notice, provided that such changes are not directed against the Business Partner. Such changes will be communicated to the business partner by means of an announcement on the Internet or via various announcement bodies. From the date of announcement, FRC Investment will continue its activities in accordance with these changes.
5.1 There are no restrictions on the revocation period of the business partnership after its entry into force. The business partner can cancel his account at any time. Purchases and payments made during this period will not be refunded.
5.2 The business partner is obliged to establish the FRC Investment business system in order to increase its income within the framework of the authorization it has received. He is obliged to find new business partners within the scope of the authority delegated to him and to acquire customers with his own resources. FRC Investment is not obliged to find a new business partner on behalf of the Business Partner. The Business Partner is also not obliged to advertise or recruit new business partners.
5.3 The business partner has the right to have the documents specifically submitted to him printed out and distributed as he wishes. The business partner cannot make any changes to the original documents. FRC Investment assumes no responsibility for the changes made and furthermore, it reserves the right to compensation for material and moral damages. The fees for printing and distribution of the documents are at the expense of the business partner. The business partner may not charge a fee for these orders.
5.4 The Business Partner is obliged to inform FRC Investment in writing via [email protected] about the changes of contact information such as address,

 telephone and e-mail stated in the Contract. Otherwise, FRC Investment shall not be liable for any damages that may arise. If the business partner does not notify the change of address, the address received upon registration will be accepted as the notification address. 5.5 The Business Partner agrees and undertakes in advance that the notices to be provided by FRC Investment to the e-mail address provided by the Business Partner upon registration cannot be invoked by the Business Partner and that such notices constitute evidence before the competent courts.
5.6 The Business Partner agrees and undertakes to act in accordance with the principles and ethical rules contained in this Agreement. Otherwise, FRC Investment reserves the right to terminate the contract and the right to compensation for material and moral damages.
5.7 FRC Investment is obliged to keep the back office, the Website and the operating system up to date so that the Business Partner can determine the advertising model. Updates and maintenance work on the system and the Website will be communicated to the Business Partner. The Business Partner may not claim any loss of rights during these update and maintenance periods.
5.8 FRC Investment will fulfill the orders of the products, services and benefits in its trading system from the Business Partner directly or through the Business Partner.
5.9 FRC Investment is obligated to pay the income and other progress payments of the counterparty under the commercial business model defined by the counterparty upon request of the business partner to the back office. Revenues that are not requested via the BackOffice are not automatically paid out. The business partner is responsible for tracking and requesting his winnings in the back office opened especially for him
5.10 FRC Investment shall transfer the revenues of the organisation to the account of the respective business partner immediately after the admission of a new business partner and after the payment has been collected. Business partners can withdraw their income from the payment address specified by them on the first day of each month.
5.11 The Business Partner is obliged to correctly transmit the information received up to this date to the new Business Partner to which it is sponsoring, without breaching the ethical rules, in order to expand its business volume.
5.12 If the counterparty wishes to transfer its rights, the necessary investigation will be conducted by the Company after the transfer request has been sent to the e-mail address of FRC Investment. The transfer process comes into effect after the confirmation from the transferor and the transferee has been received. The business partner ID cannot be transferred or sold without the consent of the Company.
5.13 The business partner can inherit his ID to family members. The following conditions apply to the inheritance:
* The heir must essentially have the conditions that can be accepted as business partners.
* The heir must be a sole adult and the first-degree successor to the deceased In this case, the business partnership is transferred to this person.
* If there is more than one heir, the business partnership is transferred to the person selected among the first degree heirs within one month after death.
* The guardian remains in the status of a business partner representative as long as the business partnership agreement is not violated and one of the minors is of age.
* A guardian is responsible for the actions of the heir, the child under guardianship or the inmate's spouse to apply the principles of the business partnership agreement. Any violation of the business principles by any of the above mentioned persons may lead to termination of the business partnership.
5.14 The Business Partner is responsible for the security of its back office credentials. Logon transactions of another user to the Business Partner's account for any reason do not bind FRC Investment in any way.
5.15 The Business Partner accepts and declares that it will not abuse the operating principles of the system, that it will not violate business ethics and ethical rules, and that it

 will use systemic deficits or deficiencies in a manner that causes damage to FRC Investment. The business partner is obliged to report the errors detected in the system to FRC Investment via the support system.
5.16 The Business Partner accepts and declares that it is aware of the high risk factors that are found in all trading and business models of Cryptocurrencies, one of the sectors in which FRC Investment operates, and that it will not hold FRC Investment and its sponsor liable in the event of a financial loss.
6-Right of withdrawal
6.1 The business partner may terminate his account at any time.
6.2 Payments made by the business partner will not be refunded.
6.3 The business partner has accepted the right of revocation from the time of signing and/or digital approval of this contract and already commits himself not to make any contrary claims.
7.1. the Business Partner is not an employee and official staff of FRC Investment, he is a Business Partner with ID No: ......................
The Business Partner is prohibited from saying that he is an official employee of FRC Investment, spreading it or drawing implications.
7.2 The counterparty independently promotes the products, services and benefits of FRC Investment on its own behalf.
7.3 Costs and similar responsibilities of the Business Partner in this process are his own responsibility.
FRC Investment has no responsibility in these matters.
7.4 The Business Partner may only use the advertising documents provided by FRC Investment. The use of inappropriate documents is a reason for termination of the contract. The Business Partner has the right to make statements about FRC Investment only in accordance with the printed materials.
7.5 The Business Partner may not go beyond what is stated on the FRC Investment website and printed promotional materials and may not provide misleading information about unfeasible promises, the system and its operation.
7.6 If the Business Partner places FRC Investment in order to become a business partner of other persons, the Business Partner will earn a premium in accordance with the Earnings Plan, which is part of the attached contract, in proportion to the success and turnover of the Business Partner.
7.7 The profit amount shown in the business partner's back office corresponds to the net profit. FRC Investment does not deduct taxes or otherwise deduct any deductions from this amount. Tax liabilities of the profit bind the business partners.
8.1 This Agreement shall remain in force indefinitely until one of the situations referred to in Article 9 occurs and the Agreement is terminated.
9.1 If the Business Partner violates the terms and conditions of employment and ethical rules set forth in the Agreement, FRC Investment reserves the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally without waiting for the end of the Agreement term and without prior notice. FRC

 Investment reserves the right to claim compensation for material and moral damages from its business partner resulting from the termination of the contract.
9.2 In the event that the following points arise during the work within the framework of the business partnership which the business partner has received in order to establish and develop the commercial business model of FRC Investment, FRC Investment reserves the right to all kinds of material and moral compensation and will immediately terminate the contract with authorized business partners. All types of rights of the business partner will be blocked:
* If the business partner discloses information obtained under the business partnership agreement about the company and the business system to third parties and institutions in written and visual media, within the limits of confidentiality,
* If the Business Partner makes statements or activities that directly or indirectly defame the Company, its employees, business partners, legal entities or equity interests of the Company, and makes defamatory statements against employees and business partners of the Company
* If he works with another company that is active in the same industry
* If it is determined that he is trying to build a similar business by copying the business model from his operating information,
* When using the names, logos, descriptions, videos, presentations of the company's brands in social media, digital or printed, without written permission of the company.
* If the business partner receives cash payments from the business partners he advertises, FRC Investment reserves the right to all kinds of material and moral compensation and immediately terminates the authorized business partner agreement. All types of rights of the business partner are blocked.
9.3 In the following situations, FRC Investment reserves the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally without prior notice.
* Use of Content that is considered a criminal offense under the laws of the countries in which they operate,
* Sending spam mails to third parties regardless of their content,
* By sending out spam, which causes every mail server of FRC Investment to be included in the black lists,
* Publications that violate general moral rules,
* Activities that prevent other authorized business partners and customers from receiving the services they are entitled to;
* When attempting to access other people's computers and accounts through FRC Investment's servers, or similar
* Distributing pirated software, music, films and similar files that infringe copyright.
* Activities that are or will be prohibited by law, although not mentioned above,
* If false statements and presentations are made that bring profits other than the sale of products and services that are outside the services and benefits of the FRC Investment System
* When indirect and direct statements and activities are made that denigrate the company's employees, business partners, legal entities and shareholders in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
9.4 The business partner is not responsible for the problems the business partner has in technical questions, quality and quality related issues. The person responsible in this matter is FRC Investment.

10. 1 I agree to receive SMS and e-mails from FRC Investment (www.FRC within this business model.
This Agreement consists of 10 (ten) main articles and is deemed to have been read, accepted and entered into force by the Business Partner upon completion of the registration process.
Information about the business partner
(*) Name Surname:
(*) User ID No:
() Residential address: () Phone Number:
(*) e-Mail:
Information about the sponsor () Name Surname: ()Business partner ID No:
Profit plan
There are 4 different plans in the system from which business partners can benefit.
1 Daily income
2 Binary (match) income 3 Career income
4 Reference income
1: Daily income
The business partner earns an income between 0.5 and 0.7 per day for each 100 USD package purchased through the system.
Each business partner can purchase a package of up to USD 10,000.
The minimum package amount is 100 USD.
In order for the business partner to receive the daily income, he logs in to his back office every day after 23:59 and transfers his income to his account by clicking the Retrieve Daily Income button. If this transaction is not carried out, he cannot receive the income for that day.
He can receive the income once in 24 hours for each package. This income is paid for 365 days for each package.

 70% of the daily income will be transferred to the withdrawable balance and the remaining 30% to the pool account.
2: Match (binary win)
The business partner earns revenues based on a short arm from the turnover that may appear in the organization tree that the business partner has entered into the system and the persons that the business partner has entered into the system, and these revenues are immediately reflected in his account.
In order to benefit from this profit, you must be entered into the system with 1 on the right and 1 on the left.
3: career profit
With the exception of the income included in the 1st and 2nd income of the Business Partner system, additional careers are offered within the system when an organisation is set up in the system. There is no time required to build this career and there is absolutely no discontinuation.
4: Reference income
The business partner earns reference income (sales partnership) from the packages purchased by new business partners, which are incorporated into the system by promoting the products, services and advantages of FRC Investment.
This income is 6% of the package amount purchased by the included business partner. After the payment is received, the corresponding income is transferred to the business partner's account.
70% of this amount is transferred to the withdrawable credit and the remaining 30% to the pool account.
Capital payment
When the packages purchased from FRC Investment Business Partners expire (365 days), 50% of the package purchase amount will be refunded.
This refund process only covers purchases made via fee transfer and does not include the options for the remaining purchase and the pool purchase.
The maximum capital repayment amount that can be made from each partner account is USD 5,000.
30% of all revenues from business partners are always transferred to the pool. The revenues in the pool can only be used for new purchases.
When the packages purchased with pool revenues expire, there is no main payment.